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Social Media For Nonprofit Organizations

How can nonprofit organizations make the most of social media? What are area nonprofits doing to engage the community, raise funds and continually get its message out?

The Nonprofit Track of the 2012 SoMeBizLife Conference will offer staff and volunteers in nonprofit organizations the opportunity to hear social media best practices directly from others who are working in nonprofit organizations and to take away specific ideas of how they can use social media in their organizations.

As of this update on March 30, 2012, details of the Nonprofit Track are not complete, but track moderator Kim Graziano can share the following outline of the track:

Breakout Session I:
Social Media Platforms and Strategies Panel Discussion

Moderated by Karen Graziano, Director of Leadership Development, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Villanova University, this panel will feature representative of area organizations sharing best practices they are using.  We are waiting for confirmation of four panelists from area organizations.

Breakout Session II:
Building Community — Communication & Engagement Strategies

A new nonprofit group will show the amazing results they achieved in a very short period of time by using social media and traditional communication and engagement strategies to build their organization.

Breakout Session III:
Fundraising — Engaging Sponsors & Donors with Social Media

An experienced nonprofit fundraiser will offer share insights and offer examples of things nonprofits can do to enhance their fundraising practices through social media.

Breakout Session IV:
Social Media for Social Change and Social Progress —
Brother Can You Spare Some Real Time Social Change?

In this session, we’ll explore how social media is being used for social change, and how it could be doing even more. For instance, in cities across the US and beyond, food trucks use Twitter to attract hip, wired customers. How could mobile food banks, shelters and other service projects use similar methods? This session will focus on stimulating ideas that nonprofits can use to jumpstart their social efforts.


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