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Rob Kall, Welcome to the Bottom-Up Revolution

Prolific blogger Rob Kall, founder and developer of and a regular contributor to Huffington Post, will share insights he has discovered through his work and research. Rob will demonstrate that our world, our culture, and even our brains are transitioning from Top-Down to Bottom-Up ways of seeing, doing, working, promoting, and using power.

Bottom-Up is quickly becoming the way things work for everyone, going way beyond Twitter, Facebook and the usual “social networking” palette.  It changes the way we work with and manage others, create and promote products and services, and make a living. Not understanding the power of the Bottom-Up revolution could easily get you into trouble if you use top-down approaches in a bottom up world.

The Bottom-Up revolution has led to a major shift from an information era to a connection era – and a new economy. Rob has applied this approach to website policies and designs, increasing traffic, income and user experience. He will share his insights on how we can all use this approach in our businesses and lives.


Rob Kall is founder of, which is ranked among the top 50-300 blogs in the world by technorati. is one of the highest traffic websites in Bucks County, operating in a range of 300,000 to 800,000 unique visitors per month. Rob is host of the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show AM1360, a blogger on and a web success strategies consultant.

Rob is currently writing a book on the Bottom-Up Revolution.


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