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Jim Donovan, Bridging the Generation Gaps

Baby boomers are using social media to reconnect with friends from days gone by, enhance communication with far away family members,  and create new and improved business relationships. As “Social changes how we communicate — our media — it also changes our lives. As part of the closing panel of the SoMeBizLife Conference, Jim will share his insights from the point of view of a Boomer. Not the entire generation, but one person who may or may not see and interact with the world differently than other generations.


Jim Donovan an author, speaker and small business consultant, online since 1989, was an early adaptor of the Internet in 1995. A writer and the former editor and publisher of the Bucks County Business Journal, he immediately gravitated to the communications capabilities of the new medium and has embraced Social Media with the enthusiasm of a teenager. In his opinion, Social Media is the great equalizer bridging not only generations but the global business landscape as well.



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