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Eric Ziegler, The Enterprise 2.0 Future

Curious to hear what other companies envision for E2.0 in the future? In the past couple of years smartphones, social media, and technology have transformed the enterprise. Imagine what could happen in the enterprise in the future.  This session will provide a view into a day in the life of a financial enterprise, in a world where an associate is no longer tethered to a desk, and able to securely leverage E2.0 technologies any place, any time.  This session will describe Vanguard’s  vision for E2.0, including the plans to help manage challenges with people, process, and technology.


Eric Ziegler is a Manager in Vanguard’s Information Technology Division. He currently leads the Enterprise 2.0 program at Vanguard, implementing E2.0 solutions supporting collaboration, mobility, and rich communications. His prior Vanguard experience involves leading the development of Vanguard’s intranet portal and as a senior systems architect.  Mr. Ziegler has a MBA from Saint Joseph’s University, M.S. from Northeastern University, and a B.S. from Lafayette College.


You can connect with Eric on Twitter.

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