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Chris Beadling, Turning Social into Sales

Over the course of the last year more than one million foursquare accounts, twitter handles and facebook business pages have been set up on behalf of business men and women looking to ride the social media wave to widget-sale-superstardom.  After a week or two of tweeting madly, however, most of these practictioners give up and […]

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Mike Maney, Balancing Traditional & Social Media

Balancing traditional and social media is a challenge and an opportunity for many businesses, nonprofits and community organizations. Traditional news media such as newspapers, magazines and television have been challenged and/or threatened by the advent of social media. How are news organizations in our region evolving in response? How are people who rely on media […]

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Sarah Larson, When Lois Lane Met Twitter

Social media is being hailed as a game-changer in nearly every industry, including the news business. So what happens when a veteran journalist adds this new tool to her arsenal? She discovers it is so much more than a distribution channel. It can change the kinds of stories journalists tell and how they tell them. […]

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Eric Lepping, Balancing Tech – Balancing Human

Authenticity & Automation: How Much Is Too Much? As Social Media evolves we’re given new management tools all of the time.  Programs like HootSuite and TweetDeck allow us to keep an eye on those we follow and get our messages out when we want them to go out and get those messages out from multiple […]

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Det Ansinn, Social Plays – Social Rulz

How is Social Media changing the way we interact with each other socially in the gaming world, in business with a wide variety of apps, and in government as social media helps us communicate with each other more in the great experiment of democracy? Bio Detlev Ansinn (“Det”) has been writing software for nearly 30 […]

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