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Business to Consumer Social Media with Don Lafferty

Connecting with Customers. Conversation=Connectivity Usually businesses use social media to generate more revenue: 78% of people in the US have high speed internet. 25% of all content shared on the internet is done through Facebook – it’s the #2 way of sharing information, email is #1. Establish a social media footprint. Utilize SM outposts to […]

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Gloria Bell, Are We the Gods of Social?

History is filled with countless examples of ordinary people besting so called experts. Nothing indicates this better than Greek mythology where the over-confident Gods were often thwarted by quick-thinking, creative mortals. And so it’s only fitting that as social media ”experts,” “mavens,” “gurus” and “wizards” should take a careful look at ourselves, other professionals and “mortals” and see what we […]

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Jim Donovan, Bridging the Generation Gaps

Baby boomers are using social media to reconnect with friends from days gone by, enhance communication with far away family members,  and create new and improved business relationships. As “Social changes how we communicate — our media — it also changes our lives. As part of the closing panel of the SoMeBizLife Conference, Jim will share his insights […]

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Skip Shuda, Leading the Horse to Water: Pitching Social Media to Organizational Leaders

  How do social media professionals show leaders why they should invest in social media for their organizations? In this interactive session, Skip Shuda will lead social media professionals through a discussion of how we can most effectively demonstrate the value of social media to business, non-profit and other leaders. We’ll work through a series […]

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Rob Kall, Welcome to the Bottom-Up Revolution

Prolific blogger Rob Kall, founder and developer of and a regular contributor to Huffington Post, will share insights he has discovered through his work and research. Rob will demonstrate that our world, our culture, and even our brains are transitioning from Top-Down to Bottom-Up ways of seeing, doing, working, promoting, and using power. Bottom-Up […]

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