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Business to Consumer Social Media with Don Lafferty

Connecting with Customers.


Usually businesses use social media to generate more revenue: 78% of people in the US have high speed internet.

25% of all content shared on the internet is done through Facebook – it’s the #2 way of sharing information, email is #1.

Establish a social media footprint. Utilize SM outposts to generate traffic to your webpage. Take an all of the above approach: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr. Get your name out there and build relationships.

People want to connect with people. They don’t want to connect with brands. Don’t pimp for friends. Show that you’re genuine!

Watch the content you put out. People get annoyed. Less is more. Don’t market– connect!

Incoming Leads: Blog articles, traditional media, press releases, status updates, event announcements, etc.

There are different ways to measure the results of your social networking, such as connections/friends, number of comments on your blog post(s), number of mentions, number of shares, and likes.

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