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Angela Giovine, Social Media for Entrepreneurs and Startups

You’ve heard about how social media is changing everything.  You’ve even heard that it has created new business models.  But what does that mean for you, and how can you find the proven, long-term models for success?  Join Angela Giovine and Tina Paparone, founders of Happenings Media, as they explore the X factor that is Social Media for Entrepreneurs and Startups.


Angela Giovine possesses a unique combination of corporate experience and entrepreneurship. Her background and broad interests have led her to successfully develop the multiple businesses than she now runs.

As President of Lime Events, Angela helps her clients deliver powerful messages by bringing their events to life. Lime develops programs tailored to fit any business and executes them flawlessly. Lime’s unique approach to managing events is centered on end‐to‐end involvement, attention to detail, flawless execution and a focus on complete client satisfaction.

Angela launched as a hobby in mid-2009. With the current trend towards hyper-local websites, the site experienced quick, dramatic growth and developed the most popular magazine for the region, offering daily articles, tools, contests and even merchandise. In September of 2010, was voted the “Best Blog in the Philadelphia” by MyPHL17 TV.

In the wake of the success of BucksHappening, Happening Media was formed. Happenings Media is a fast-growing i-media company that owns online lifestyle magazines in cities across the country.

Angela co-founded BeMe, a brand that strives to engage and empower girl. BeMe released the BeMe Box in 2008 to rave reviews. Since then, BeMe has expanded to five product lines, available online at

Angela earned an MBA from Fordham University Graduate School of Business and a BS, Business Administration, from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. Angela is experienced as a consultant and speaker on leadership, social media, branding, start-ups, selling, and hyper local.

Co-Presenting with Tina Paparone


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